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When I was growing up I wanted to be the next Aaliyah. I would spend hours in my room with my Walkman (yes, I'm that old) belting out the latest album. After apologizing to my parents' eardrums, I decided I wanted to become a doctor. 

During my internal medicine residency, I still felt like I was missing a vital piece of the puzzle. Yes, I learned about how to treat every possible disease with medication and/or surgery. But then I started asking myself questions I couldn't find the answer to. What about the effects of a poor diet on disease? What about high stress levels? What happens when you exhaust all your conventional medicine resources and you're still sick?

When I began searching for answers I stumbled onto integrative/functional medicine in 2008 and knew I had come home. Finally, a scientific way to help people heal from the inside out.

For the last 10 years I have immersed myself in learning medicine through an entirely different set of eyeglasses and have since helped hundreds of people heal their chronic health conditions. While it has been incredibly satisfying, I find other parts absolutely frustrating. Our current medical system does not provide insurance coverage for an integrative medicine approach. This leaves a huge majority of the population who simply can't afford to get the treatment they need to heal.

That is why I do what I do. While I enjoy working with patients one-on-one, there is a tremendous amount of teaching that can be done a broader scale. For those people who can't afford to see me in person, I hope you find value in the other work I am putting out to the world. 

Dr. Tiffany


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National Clinical Director of Community - Parsley Health

 MindBodyGreen Collective Member

Medical Advisor - The Nue Co.




SXSW Panelist @ Wellness Expo 2018 and International Women’s Day 2019

Selected as 33 Self-Care Sistahs That Helped Redefine Wellness in 2017 by ESSENCE Magazine

Chosen as 26 Women of Color Changing the Face of Wellness by Thoughtfully Magazine 2017

Voted Cincinnati's Best Doctors 2015-2016

Elected one of the YWCA's Rising Stars in 2014

Chosen as a Young Professional Emerging Leader by Cincinnati Magazine in 2013

Selected as a Bravewell Clinical Integrative Medicine Fellow in 2011