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AutoImmune Solution

Having even one autoimmune condition makes you three times more likely to develop another.
Released January 2015

Released January 2015

There is an autoimmune epidemic.

Autoimmune conditions are now the third leading chronic illness in the US, right behind cardiovascular disease and cancer.  If you are on the autoimmune spectrum, increased inflammation can push you over the edge into full-blown autoimmune disorder.

In this book, Dr. Amy Myers discusses the four pillars of gut health and how that connects to our immune system.

The Four Pillars of Gut Health 

  1. Heal your gut - 80% immune system is in your gut.
  2. Get rid of gluten, grains, legumes, and other foods that cause chronic inflammation. 
  3. Tame the toxins
  4. Heal your infections and relieve your stress.

The Eight Major Myths     

  1. Autoimmune disorders can’t be reversed.
  2. Your symptoms won’t disappear without harsh medications.
  3. When you treat an autoimmune disorder with medication, the side effects are no big deal.
  4. Improving digestion and gut health have no effect on the progression of an autoimmune disorder.
  5. Going gluten-free won’t make any difference to your autoimmune disorder.
  6. Having an autoimmune disorder dooms you to a poor quality life.
  7. When it comes to autoimmune disorders, only your genes matter; environmental factors do not.
  8. Your immune system is what it is; there is nothing you can do to support it.


Lies. All lies.