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Each day you will receive an email from me detailing your sleep "workout" of the day. You can get better sleep tonight without reading a book, raiding the sleep aid aisle at Walgreens, or driving to your doctor's office for a sleeping pill prescription. Scroll down for more details.

Rest is the new hustle.
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What You Will Learn

What You Will Learn


  • Why sleeping pills can be bad for you and when you should be using them.
  • Why melatonin doesn't work for everyone.
  • Why having separate bedrooms may save your marriage.
  • Why your fatigue can literally kill you.
  • Why those "Netflix and chill binges" aren't doing you any favors.
  • Why wearable technology can be your best friend ... and worst enemy.
  • Why when and what you eat for dinner impacts your sleep.
  • Why your mattress matters and how to pick the right one.
  • And much more!
We are in a national sleep crisis.
— Arianna Huffington

What You Will Get

  • An Introduction Sleep Packet to get you started before the program begins.
  • A 30-question sleep questionnaire to identify your problem areas.
  • A 5-day sleep journal to record your sleep habits.
  • A personal sleep prescription from me based on your answers to the questionnaire and journal.
  • A daily email filled with small, easy habits that create a massive shift in your sleep.
  • A PDF of each email so you can always have this information at your fingertips.
  • And a couple of surprises!

This is the same process I go through with my patients in my practice. The average cost is $700-1,000 depending on if we need to test for adrenal fatigue or sleep apnea. 

Studies say that up to 40 million Americans suffer from type of sleep disorder. They can't all afford to see a functional medicine doctor. That's why I created this course. For only $97 you can get access to figure out your sleep issues for good.

Program starts July 1st, 2016.


What is HIIT

What is HIIT

What is HIIT?

HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, has been scientifically proven to be one the most effective ways to exercise. It burns fat, improves endurance, and builds strength. The idea is that you alternate low/moderate intensity exercises with high intensity exercises.

Our sleep cycle mimics this as well. When we stay too long in a certain sleep stage, we wake up tired or feeling like we need a nap during the day.

There are four basic stages of the sleep cycle.

  • Pre-sleep
  • Light
  • Deep
  • REM

In this course, I will explain why we need to cycle through each stage, how long each should be, and what happens when we are not going through each stage properly.


The Ultimate Sleep Kit

The Ultimate Sleep Kit


One lucky person will win an amazing prize. (if you sign up by July 1st, 2016)

Goodies included:

  • A copy of The Sleep Revolution by Arianna Huffington.
  • The pillowcase that eliminates wrinkles while you sleep.
  • The one supplement I take every night.
  • My favorite essential oil blend for relaxation.
  • A sleep mask that is actually comfortable and cute.
  • A travel pillow filled with relaxing herbs.
  • The magic sleep dust potion I drink at night.

Retail value: $500

Just want my free sleep tips? Check out my latest blog post on sleep and take the quiz.